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Chen Research Group


We are seeking highly motivated graduate students (1 Ph.D. and 1~2 M.S. with thesis), undergraduate students (1~2), visiting students and scholars (1~2) with focus on photonics/ acoustics/ mechanics/ manufacturing, and functional devices. If you are interested, please apply to ASU first before you contact the PI (Dr. Xiangfan Chen, Xiangfan.Chen at Please include your detailed curriculum vitae, transcript, along with a brief cover letter expressing your research interests and your academic background. Ph.D. candidates will be provided with financial support through their graduate studies.

Ph.D Candidate Requirements: Students with background of Physics, Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, or, Materials Science, are strongly encouraged to apply. Candidates are expected to be self-motivated, team-oriented, and rich in hands-on experience, including but not limited to:

  • expertise in modeling/simulation tools (i.e., FEA using ANSYS/ ABAQUS/ COMSOL; Computational Electromagnetics using FDTD/ RCWA),
  • optical/mechanical/electrical design of experimental set-up,
  • test of material physical and chemical properties and usage of scientific tools.


New NSF Grant

Dr. Xiangfan Chen received a new NSF grant to study metal 3D printing as Co-PI.


Collaborative Paper Published

Our collaborative paper “45% Periodicity Reduction in Nanocomposite Thin Films via Rapid Solvent Removal” was accepted for publication on Macromolecules (ACS Publications) – American Chemical Society. Congratulations!

In the paper, we investigated the kinetic pathway of NP assembly in lamellar supramolecular nanocomposite thin films during solvent vapor annealing and after solvent removal. The study provides a facile approach to access nonequilibrium structures in nanocomposite thin films for the fabrication of functional metamaterial coatings to manipulate light in subwavelength dimensions. Congrats! 


Paper Published

Dr. Xiangfan Chen’s paper “Hyperbolic Dispersion via Symmetric and Antisymmetric Orderings of Artificial Magnetic Dipole Array” was accepted for publication on ACS Photonics.

In the paper, we reported a theoretical and experimental study in achieving the hyperbolic dispersion via the symmetric and antisymmetric hybridization of two-dimensional (2D) artificial magnetic dipoles using metasurfaces possessing artificial magnetic resonance at optical frequencies. Congrats! 


We are seeking highly motivated graduate students (2 Ph.D., 2 M.S.), undergraduate students (a few), visiting students and scholars (a few) in one of the following areas: mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, mechanics, physics, electrical engineering, and materials science. 
If you are interested, please contact Prof. Xiangfan Chen. Please include your detailed curriculum vitae along with a brief cover letter expressing your research interests and your academic background.

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