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Chen Research Group

Congratulations to Siying Liu for publishing paper on Advanced Optical Materials to report a robust optical data encryption technique utilizing polymer-stabilized-liquid-crystals (PSLCs) combined with projection photoalignment and photopatterning methods. A novel, generalized design strategy is developed, for the first time, to encode intricate and exclusive information with enhanced security by spatially programming the photoalignment patterns of a pair of cascade PSLCs, which further illustrates the promising capabilities of PSLCs in optical data encryption and anti-counterfeiting. (Link)

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Liu, S., Alfarhan, S., Wang, W., Feng, S., Zhu, Y., Liu, L., Song, K., Yang, S., Jin, K., Chen, X., Robust Optical Data Encryption by Projection-Photoaligned Polymer-Stabilized-Liquid-Crystals. Adv. Optical Mater. 2023, 2301364. 

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