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Chen Research Group

About the Lab

Welcome to Advanced Manufacturing and Functional Devices (AMFD) Laboratory at Arizona State University. Our group aims to develop innovative technologies in pushing the capabilities into a whole new dimension, including advanced manufacturing, novel photonic devices, as well as high efficiency energy conversion systems. We are currently exploring a variety of projects in our group, including novel micro/nano 3D printing technologies, mechanical and electromagnetic metamaterials, and functional devices.

Feel free to send us an email if you are interested in our research.

Latest News

ASME SSDM 2023 Conference

Dr. Chen is co-organizing the Advanced Manufacturing symposium at ASME Aerospace Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference (SSDM 2023). The Presentation Only Abstract Submission deadline is February 13, 2023...

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New NSF Grant on Future Manufacturing

Dr. Xiangfan Chen received a research grant ($500k) from the NSF Future Manufacturing program. Congratulations! Collaborators: Dr. Kenan Song at Arizona State University, Dr. Jessica N. Lancaster at Mayo Clinic. See official announcement at:...

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